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It's time to go beyond your mind...
Where your real power is... Your Soul. 


Magdeus Spiritual Awakening is a brand created by Victoria Uribe, Nurse, Mom and Human believer that our existence is beyond to suit in a physical body. 

There are  many more to know and experience besides the tangible. 

Many recourses from nature to heal, many energy work techniques to unblockage  old patterns and  limited beliefs and many therapies from a love state and the compassion inside of us to share with others.  

Here are some of the service I am glad to offer you, feel free to contact me to ask


Chakra Healing Therapy 

Aura Cleanses

Reiki Healing for Children

Chakras are junction points between consciousness and physiology, this centers of energy govern the core emotional and physical functions of your being. When this energy centers  are congestive or out of harmony your brightest light force is unable to fully circulate, resulting in distress, disease and lack of mind body integrity.  

(Deepak Chopra) 

This effective  chakra balancing will keep every one of your junction points  flowing at the right speed, allowing your inner piece to bring magic into your life. Love, abundance, acceptance , prosperity and good health. 

The Aura is a spiritual energy field that surrounds any living thing. No many people has the power to actually see it with a simple look but many of us can tell when without have known a person for the first time  you can feel a negative/heavy energy or a good vibe that comes from her. The different colors of our Aura are sign of how healthy is our emotional and spiritual well being

An often Aura cleanse is as important as  to get a cleanse in our gut to allow a good function of our  vital systems.  A Clean Aura allows all the abundance of the universe comes to us.

Breaking all negativity and heavy exterior energy that we may carry and letting the spiritual field around us willing and ready to receive all the blessings that are being offered to us.


Sound Healing Therapy

Reiki Healing for kids is a safe and non invasive healing method. Reiki helps the body to shift from sympathetic (fight) to parasympathetic (rest) mode.

A session of reiki healing to your child, could benefit in so many ways by helping him/her to remove unwanted energy from the body, improving behavior, increasing relaxation, promoting a good sleep, enhancing focus in school, relief stress, phobias and fear, pain relief, muscle soreness and more.

Reiki is a beautiful tool to help children experience a calmer, peaceful world by channelizing their energy points and teaching them self -care, self-love and connect them with their spirituality.

Tibetan bowls are a type of bell that vibrates and produce a deep  tone when played. These bowls are used for many purposes, including stress, anxiety, depression and pain relief or simply to meditate and as a kindly relaxation therapy to help you focus and/or find answers within yourself .


"You Must find the place inside yourself

where nothing is impossible"

Deepak Chopra

" You are the light Keeper 

of your inner light. 

Let it shine Brightly "

Image by kike vega

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